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Steps, Walls, Outdoor Living

Classical Pavers is a step and stoop contractor company that installs masonry steps in the New Jersey and New York area. We can repair your existing step or stoop, or install a brand new beautiful one with pavers, natural stone, or any material you desire. Practical, durable, eye catching and a great value. 

Classical Pavers can install your masonry step or stoop in the most elegant, and beautiful way. Not merely practical access to your home, they can also greatly enchance the appeal. Steps or stoops can be built out of a variety of material, such as culture stone, retaining wall block, pavers, bullnose, and varying types of natural stones. Different masonry elements such as bullnose, pavers, wall block, and culture stone can be combined to make the perfect step or stoop.  

Pool paver patio


NY: 516-699-8414

NJ: 973-852-3551


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