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Your home has many outside elements that can be enchanced with masonry and pavers, and none so easy as the patio and walkway. A walkway is generally the main path from your driveway to your front door, or from your back door to your patio. A walkway can be an exciting addition to your home, such as a freeform shape, or a nicely colored paver combination to enchance the look of your home. Great masonry options! 


        As your Masonry walkway contractor of choice, we will help you design and build your patio and walkway. From using paving stones, to natural stones or bluestone, there possibilities are endless and we will guide you to the perfect material and colors that match your home. From adding masonry steps at the end of your walkway, to connecting to a patio or pool, there are many great design possibilities available. 

Pool paver patio


NY: 516-699-8414

NJ: 973-852-3551

Patios and Walkways

Classical Pavers is a New Jersey and New York masonry contractor company that installs patios and walkways. We can repair your existing area, or install a brand new beautiful project with pavers, bluestone, natural stone, or any combination you desire. Either a standalone masonry walkway or add it to a larger project such as a patio or driveway. Patio and walkway installation adds tremendous appeal! 

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